How Does Capture.MD Help My Practice?

Capture.MD allows patient self-service check-in and check-out that streamlines the process for practices of all sizes, which eliminates paperwork and reduces handwriting translation errors. By utilizing the automated payment process, practices are also able to collect co-pays for virtually every patient on time! All of these enhancements result in check-in times being reduced by half compared to traditional check-in. Coupled with pre-registration on Complete.MD Connect, patients show up for appointments on the fast track to be seen by their provider. Reduced wait times from more efficient front desk activities means more available time for support staff to provide services to patients. This means the physician has the ability to schedule more patients in a given day. Front desk time is further reduced by automated email and text message reminders sent to patients from the Capture.MD system. More informed patients will reduce “No Shows” and prevent lost revenue from missed appointments.

Quick and Easy Payment System

Payment collection is usually an inconvenient process, and patients feel uncomfortable being asked for money. With Capture.MD, it is easy to collect patient co-pays, past due balances, and automatically provide physical and electronic receipts in the process.

Major Benefits of Capture.MD

  • Frees Up Front Desk Staff’s Time - Office workflow is smoother and runs with fewer interruptions because Capture.MD automatically captures patient information and calculates and collects payments from patients.
  • No More Writing Your Name at the Counter - Clipboard.MD devices allow for automatic check-in via Capture.MD, notify the scheduling system that a patient has arrived and provide your staff with a pre-configurable list of tasks to complete.
  • Increased Patient Data Accuracy - Patient data is entered and updated by the patient in real time, reducing the potential for outdated or incorrect information.
  • Patients Pay Easily and Privately - Many of our patients prefer paying with Capture.MD because the process is quick and private.
  • No More Awkward Conversations - With Capture.MD, patients don’t have to feel embarrassed about owing money, and practice staff is saved from asking for payment in front of a crowded waiting room.
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Patient Friendly Systems

Our patient friendly systems extend from the check-in tablets that are located in the doctors office to the patient websites that patients can access from home.

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent pending technology makes Complete.MD the only software on the market that will take videos, play videos, digitally sign consents and publish to the web from one application. How much easier can it get?

Telephone support is available to help you with questions or problems

My patients don't have to worry because Complete.MD improves patient care by providing a standard of care for all patients

Dr. Sidney P. Smith, MD