Cart.MD Generates Revenue

Cart.MD allows practices to implement a vast product warehouse with no shelf life concerns and at no cost to the bottom line. Numerous studies have shown that practices who offer patients convenient add-on sales see an increase in the amount of repeat appointments. Provide patients with product bundling options that complement treatments like lotions, vitamins, durable goods or other OTC products with or without a prescribed medication. Practice staff are able to facilitate convenience for patients with time saving elements such as ship-to-home, while earning additional revenues and not disrupting the office flow. Cart.MD provides practices with reporting tools to offer incentives to employees based on customizable goals for many sales metrics right out of the box. Cart.MD allows practices to turn on new revenues effortlessly.

Decreased Drug Prior Authorizations

With Cart.MD, physicians know in real time if the prescribed treatment is covered for the patient and what the patient will be charged. Many offices have a staff member that performs prior authorizations, but this module eliminates the need. For any given prescription matched with an insurance plan, Cart.MD learns what the prior authorization requirements are. When a drug is prescribed that has a prior authorization requirement, the physician is alerted on the front end as to what the protocol will be. This will reduce denied insurance claims and wasted time. The patients are more satisfied because there is less confusion and they know what to expect from their treatment progression. Cart.MD allows practices to virtually eliminate callbacks from the pharmacies and costly staff time for prior authorizations that stand between the patient and the medication that the physician wishes to prescribe. Pharmacies get the information they need to fill the order the first time and physicians are able to stay informed throughout the entire process.

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Patient Friendly Systems

Our patient friendly systems extend from the check-in tablets that are located in the doctors office to the patient websites that patients can access from home.

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent pending technology makes Complete.MD the only software on the market that will take videos, play videos, digitally sign consents and publish to the web from one application. How much easier can it get?

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My patients don't have to worry because Complete.MD improves patient care by providing a standard of care for all patients

Dr. Sidney P. Smith, MD