Why Clipboard.MD?

Clipboard.MD is the hardware side of the Complete.MD software solution. Everything within Complete.MD is designed to flawlessly integrate with the Clipboard.MD device and the Check-in Kiosk. Clipboard.MD devices allow patients to check-in at their seat in the waiting room as opposed to at the front desk. There are no paper forms to fill out, so all information is automatically entered and updated by the patient.

Get Rid of Paper Check-In Processes

The standard office check-in process is paper-based. Switching to a Clipboard.MD device running Capture.MD frees time for front desk staff who would otherwise have to transfer data from paper forms to EMR systems. Clipboard.MD and Capture.MD integrate with your existing EMR system for seamless storage of patient data.

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Patient Friendly Systems

Our patient friendly systems extend from the check-in tablets that are located in the doctors office to the patient websites that patients can access from home.

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent pending technology makes Complete.MD the only software on the market that will take videos, play videos, digitally sign consents and publish to the web from one application. How much easier can it get?

Telephone support is available to help you with questions or problems

My patients don't have to worry because Complete.MD improves patient care by providing a standard of care for all patients

Dr. Sidney P. Smith, MD