How does Consent.MD work?

Consent.MD is a software solution for your Clipboard.MD device or an existing video capable device that your practice has available. During a patient visit, Consent.MD video captures the patient consultation, any education provided, and the informed consent processes for treatments. Following the office visit, patients are sent a link via email that allows them to review the video of their visit and serves as a reminder of the care plan discussed during their visit.

How does Consent.MD save time and money?

Many patients are nervous about attending doctor’s appointments and patient anxiety is a key factor to non-compliance. When a patient is anxious or nervous they are unlikely to retain the information shared by their health care provider. Consent.MD’s video capture system allows patients to review all information shared during their office visit, increasing compliance. The medical practice benefits from reduced calls requesting re-education about the information shared and reduces time and money spent on malpractice or negligence suits. During the consent process, a pre-recorded video is viewed by the patient that includes information related to the suggested treatment including drug interactions, risks, benefits and treatment expectations. This provides the patient with standardized information and allows providers to feel confident in the patient’s knowledge of the treatment plan. Consent.MD issues medication updates based on FDA alerts, which allow the patient to be contacted to view an updated consent if changes are made to an item in the patient’s treatment plan.

Consent.MD Keeps Family and Caregivers Informed

Consent.MD allows interactions between the patient and physician to be video recorded for future review in a secure fashion. Treatment and consent information is available online for ease of access and is securely stored and transmitted using the latest encryption and security technologies. Patients may choose to share this information with family members or other physicians and caregivers that would benefit from understanding a specific treatment plan.

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Patient Friendly Systems

Our patient friendly systems extend from the check-in tablets that are located in the doctors office to the patient websites that patients can access from home.

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent pending technology makes Complete.MD the only software on the market that will take videos, play videos, digitally sign consents and publish to the web from one application. How much easier can it get?

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My patients don't have to worry because Complete.MD improves patient care by providing a standard of care for all patients

Dr. Sidney P. Smith, MD