Faster Check In Times

Complete.MD offers a state-of-the-art patient check-in tablet that provides the fastest patient registration tool in the industry. Clipboard.MD tablets and kiosks allow electronic check in, thus reducing excessive handwriting and duplication of data entry. The Complete.MD website also allows for pre-registration before you arrive at the office, giving you all the time you need to complete basic paperwork electronically before arriving at your doctor's office.

Electronic check-in leads to better service and efficiency.

Patient Friendly Systems

Our patient friendly systems extend from the check-in tablets that are located in the doctors office to the patient websites that patients can access from home.

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent pending technology makes Complete.MD the only software on the market that will take videos, play videos, digitally sign consents and publish to the web from one application. How much easier can it get?

Telephone support is available to help you with questions or problems

My patients don't have to worry because Complete.MD improves patient care by providing a standard of care for all patients

Dr. Sidney P. Smith, MD