Patient Interaction with Complete.MD

Save Time for Patients

The patient application allows the patient to take control of his or her schedule. Historically, appointments were assigned at times that might not benefit the patient’s work, school and outside schedules. Conflicts from busy schedules lead to rescheduled appointments and no-shows. The Complete.MD Connect application puts the power of scheduling in the patients hands, displaying available options on multiple days and times. This ease of appointment scheduling will set Complete.MD Connect providers apart from other practices and allow the capture of additional patients and retention of current patients.

New Patient Introductions

Network physicians can video record a patient introduction to be viewed by the patient at the time of referral, allowing for an introduction to the physician and practice. Patients will gain a better understanding of who they will be seeing and what to expect when they arrive for their appointment. An added bonus for patients is the transfer of registration information from one practice to the other, reducing the amount of “paperwork” needed at the next office visit.

Provider to Provider Referrals

Scheduling an appointment with outside offices can be costly and time consuming with traditional methods. Utilizing Complete.MD Connect’s electronic referral system reduces paperwork, time and patient frustration. With the Complete.MD Connect system, the time and expense is eliminated through the use of an online appointment calendar and the ability to receive referrals electronically from other participating providers. Physicians benefit from this system with cost and time savings and also receive more referrals because of the simplified process.

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