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Process Automation with Complete.MD


Reduce Paperwork

Capture.MD allows patient self-service check-in and check-out that streamlines the process for practices of all sizes, which eliminates paperwork and reduces handwriting translation errors. By utilizing the automated payment process, practices are also able to collect co-pays for virtually every patient on time! All of these enhancements result in check-in times being reduced by half compared to traditional check-in. Coupled with pre-registration on Complete.MD Connect, patients show up for appointments on the fast track to be seen by their provider. Reduced wait times from more efficient front desk activities means more available time for support staff to provide services to patients. This means the physician has the ability to schedule more patients in a given day. Front desk time is further reduced by automated email and text message reminders sent to patients from the Capture.MD system. More informed patients will reduce “No Shows” and prevent lost revenue from missed appointments.

Save Time

Scheduling an appointment with outside offices can be costly and time consuming with traditional methods. Utilizing Complete.MD Connect’s electronic referral system reduces paperwork, time and patient frustration. With the Complete.MD Connect system, the time and expense is eliminated through the use of an online appointment calendar and the ability to receive referrals electronically from other participating providers. Physicians benefit from this system with cost and time savings and also receive more referrals because of the simplified process.

Keep Patients Informed

Many patients are nervous about attending doctor’s appointments and patient anxiety is a key factor to non-compliance. When a patient is anxious or nervous they are unlikely to retain the information shared by their health care provider. Consent.MD’s video capture system allows patients to review all information shared during their office visit, increasing compliance. The medical practice benefits from reduced calls requesting re-education about the information shared and reduces time and money spent on malpractice or negligence suits. During the consent process, a pre-recorded video is viewed by the patient that includes information related to the suggested treatment including drug interactions, risks, benefits and treatment expectations. This provides the patient with standardized information and allows providers to feel confident in the patient’s knowledge of the treatment plan. Consent.MD issues medication updates based on FDA alerts, which allow the patient to be contacted to view an updated consent if changes are made to an item in the patient’s treatment plan.

Generate Revenue

With Cart.MD, physicians know in real time if the prescribed treatment is covered for the patient and what the patient will be charged. Many offices have a staff member that performs prior authorizations, but this module eliminates the need. For any given prescription matched with an insurance plan, Cart.MD learns what the prior authorization requirements are. When a drug is prescribed that has a prior authorization requirement, the physician is alerted on the front end as to what the protocol will be. This will reduce denied insurance claims and wasted time. The patients are more satisfied because there is less confusion and they know what to expect from their treatment progression. Cart.MD allows practices to virtually eliminate callbacks from the pharmacies and costly staff time for prior authorizations that stand between the patient and the medication that the physician wishes to prescribe. Pharmacies get the information they need to fill the order the first time and physicians are able to stay informed throughout the entire process.

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