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Practice Analytics with Complete.MD

Manage data with Dashboarding and Reports

Compete.MD's dashboarding and reporting platform allows you to manage the data that is most important to your practice.  Gain visibility into everything from appointment scheduling, cancellations and no-show rates to claim processing times.

Evaluate Performance

Utilize the data your practice is generating on a daily basis to evaluate the overall performance of your staff.  Complete.MD can help you identify trends in scheduling volume, wait times, timely payments from insurance companies and patients and claim filing speed in easy to use reports and visual dashboards.

Provider Scorecards

Complete.MD's Provider Scorecard system allows practices to publicly display provider performance metrics including measures for timely notifications, average days before patient notification, and timely treatment.  Patients can feel reassured that their provider is in the top 90% of his/her peers by comparing measures between practices.

Close Treatment Gaps

Complete.MD's Analytics system is intelligent enough to track a patient's progress through the entire treatment process.  Utilize notification, follow up and treatment data to close gaps and ensure all patients receive the treatment they need in a timely manner.

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