Lean Exam Room with Complete.MD

Informed Patients

Every time a patient visits a practice utilizing the Complete.MD system, a video of the visit will be uploaded to a secure website for the patient to access. Patients will never again forget something that a doctor may have discussed during their visit. A patient can simply log on to the Complete.MD web portal or mobile app and review their visit in the privacy of their own home or share that visit information with other trusted caregivers.

Quality Data

Complete.MD electronic check-in provides physicians with better data than traditional pen and paper check in. Since this data is captured electronically, it can be pushed to every department including insurance, billing, and scheduling at the time of completion, speeding up work flows in your office and reducing duplication of data entry.

Reduced Risk

We all know how stressful it can be when a patient is worried about a doctor's appointment. We have all forgotten what a doctor has told us. Now that patient consent forms are on the web, patients never have to worry about this again. Patients simply sign on to the website and review their signed consent forms and video recordings of the instructions given during their visits.

Increased Volume

Complete.MD Connect is a referral system that allows you to quickly and electronically schedule referral appointments for your patient and receive referrals for your practice. View participating physician's calendars in the exam room for efficient scheduling of referral appointments.

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