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Practice Management with Complete.MD

Software Supported by Innovation

Complete.MD is a software program designed and developed by a team of physicians to build the future of medical software. Complete.MD allows your practice to improve patient care and patient education while also acting as a referral, human resources and prescription tool.

Scalable to Any Size Practice

Complete.MD can be customized to fit any medical group’s needs. A custom website or smartphone app can be created for your health system and used by patients to schedule appointments and request refills or used by providers to schedule referrals and approve refills.

Revenue Generation

Complete.MD is the first solution to allow physician payments for non-Medicare covered prescriptions and patient education. Physicians can also earn revenue through referrals to other participating providers and by completing prescription pre-certifications within the Complete.MD system.

Time and Money Savings

The suite of Complete.MD products includes modules that promote work flow efficiences, prescription pre-certifications, electronic coupons, and online physician referrals. These modules work together to make your practice more efficient and allow you to focus on patient care, not paperwork.

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