Revenue Cycle Management with Complete.MD

Increase Time of Service Payments

Complete.MD provides upfront calculation and verification of patient co-pays to yield improved revenue cycles and decrease office staff time. Complete.MD can also be configured to accept payment for patient prescriptions, saving time for your patient at the pharmacy.

Electronic Claims Submission

Complete.MD's Revenue Cycle Management system provides electronic claims submission that helps reduce the time it takes to submit a claim to a patient's insurance company.  Electronic submission also reduces errors in claim management and speeds up the time practices wait for payment from insurance companies.

Better Organization

The standard office check-in process is paper-based. Switching to a Clipboard.MD™ device running Capture.MD™ frees time for front desk staff who would otherwise have to transfer data from paper forms to EMR systems. Clipboard.MD™ and Capture.MD™ integrate with your existing EMR system and utilize optical character recognition (OCR) technology for seamless input and storage of patient data.

Customized for Your Needs

Complete.MD can be customized to fit any medical group’s needs. The features can be tailored around existing PM, EHR, or chart-based systems. A custom website or smartphone app can be created for your practice and used by patients to schedule appointments and request refills or used by providers to schedule referrals and approve refills.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Fully manage your practice's appointment calendar online. Set up calendar templates that meet physician availability and allow patients to schedule appointments electronically via Complete.MD's web and mobile applications. Allow the Complete.MD system to manage appointment reminders via email, text and telephone. And reduce no-shows with optional Appointment Reservation Fees.

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